How Jamie Collins Would Fit If He Returns To Patriots

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Linebacker Jamie Collins was traded away by the New England Patriots in to the Cleveland Browns. Now, it looks like New England may be trying to reunite with the seventh year pro . Getting a former Patriot at a cheap cost makes plenty of sense for both parties, especially considering Collins played his best football while in New England from .. Jamie Collins’ departure from the New England Patriots was messy. Now that he’s back in New England, perhaps the two parties have sorted out whatever caused their breakup in , when Bill Belichick surprisingly traded Collins to the Cleveland Browns for a third round pick in the middle of the season. The trade seemed to come out of nowhere.. The Patriots will have to hope Collins can return to his form. He wasn’t the same player in with the Browns. Collins missed most of the season with injuries..How Jamie Collins would fit if he returns to Patriots by Devon Clements USA Today Patriots Wire May Jamie Collins becoming a Patriot again would be a .